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  • 【通信講座】リスニング力を鍛える週1トレーニング(第3回解説):Nigella’s Christmas Chocolate Cookies

【通信講座】リスニング力を鍛える週1トレーニング(第3回解説):Nigella’s Christmas Chocolate Cookies

【通信講座】リスニング力を鍛える週1トレーニング(第3回目解説):Nigella’s Christmas Chocolate Cookie


サマリーの例:Nigella’s Christmas chocolate cookies are very easy to make. The ingredients are unsalted butter, cocoa, caster sugar, flour,  bicarb and baking powder. Put the ingredients in a bowl, mix in a food processor and you will have a very soft dough. There is no need to roll out the dough. Just pinching up with your fingers and rolling it into a walnut-sized ball. Bake in the oven on medium heat for about a quarter of an hour.  The cookies will have cracks in them, but she likes it because it looks homemade and comforting.  For making glaze, mix icing sugar, cocoa powder and a little bit of vanilla with boiling water in a sauce pan and heat it on the stovetop.  When the ingredients are melted, the glaze is ready. Pour this over the cookies and then sprinkle colorful red, green and white pinprick dots on top. You can use any toppings you like.


リスニングの練習問題 :もう一度動画を見て以下の空欄を埋めてください。ディクテーションに挑戦してみてください。

Nigella’s Christmas Chocolate Cookies – Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen – BBC2

Now while it’s true I always have a jar or tin of cookies or biscuits in my kitchen

At Christmas, I wanted to have more of a kind of gluttony feel, so that does mean my Christmas chocolate cookies.

  (1. ____  _____ ______ ) 

just get out of food processor and 

In the bowl, put some  (2. ____  _____ ______ ) 

some cocoa powder, good cocoa

some castor sugar, plain flour, bicarb and baking powder

Just blitz to mix

You will have a very soft brown (3.  _____ ______ )

but don’t worry because you’re (4.  _____ ______ ______ _____ ).

You’re just (5.  _____ ______ ) , sort or walnut sized pieces of this dough and rolling it in your hands putting those balls in the 

oven, moderate oven for about quarter of an hour and take them out 

Now, when you take the biscuits (6.  _____ ______ ______ _____ ), you will see that they have a rather cracked finish but I love that it makes them look so (7.  ___________ ______ ___________ ). 

and anyway what goes on top, the Christmas glaze is (8.  _____ ______ ______ _____ _____ ).

All you need now is a saucepan but you put on the hob and into the saucepan, those icing sugar, cocoa powder, some boiling water from the kettle and a little bit of vanilla and heat this stirring until you have a dark brown (9.  ______ ______ _______). 

You can either pour this or spoon it or dribble it over the biscuits and once the glaze is on, you can scatter over your Christmas sprinkles the ones I love the most are the ones that are called nonpareils and they are teeny little pinprick dots some red, some green, some white, 

They are gorgeous but really you could use any that make you happy. (10.  _____ ______ ______ _____ ).

1.Easy as anything
2.soft unsalted butter
3.sticky mixture
4.not rolling anything out
5.pinching out
6.out of the oven
7.homemade and comforting
8.a thing of deep joy
9.shiny drippy glaze
10.that’s fine by me

今回のレッスンはいかがでしたか? ナイジェラの簡単クッキングはいつも「私にもできそう!」と思わせてくれるので好きです。かなり適当なレシピですがたぶん失敗することは無いように思います。試してないので分かりませんが。グレーズ無しでも美味しそうな気がします。あと個人的にはくるみとかアーモンドを足したいかな。ぜひクッキー作りにも挑戦してみてくださいね。


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